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Diaper Definitions

I get a lot of emails about what each type of diaper is.  I have learned that everyone has their own names for the same type of diaper.  So here are the definitions of my diapers.

Pocket diapers:  These diapers have a pocket opening covered by a flap (see diaper features page for picture).  An insert is stuffed into the pocket.  You can add as much absorbency as needed for your child.   Pocket diapers are easier to clean and dry since the insert is separate.  Pocket diapers come with one insert.

AIO:  All in one diapers do not have a pocket opening.  The insert is sewn into the middle of the diaper.  If you need more absorbency you can lay another insert on the top of the diaper.  Be careful what material you use against the skin.  Microfiber should not be used directly against the skin.  AIO diapers can take a little longer to dry.  This diaper works the most like a disposable.

One size fits all:  These diapers will fit from about 10lbs to 40+ pounds.  There are 4 size settings for these.  If your baby is like mine and fits inbetween sizes, I have a small setting, two medium settings and the large setting.  One size dipers are pocket diapers and they come with one foldable insert and one doubler. 

one size



One size fits all diaper covers:   OS covers now have an internal rise adjustment.  Instead of a pocket opening, there are two slits  near the leg elastic for you to change the size.  The inner layer is soft wicking jersey to keep it comfy if it touches the skin.  It will also dry fast so you can reuse the cover for more than one diaper change.  You can choose either snap or velcro closure.  These covers are waterproof and are used over prefolds and fitted diapers.  Even if you don't use cloth diapers they will look adorable over disposables too!

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