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The birth of Cutiepoops


(Still need to get an updated family photo)

Hi, My name is Adrian and I am the creator of Cutiepoops Pocket Cloth Diapers.  I've been married to my husband Stuart for 10 years and we have four kids and two cats named Sally and Bootsy boots.

I never planned on using cloth diapers, but one day I decided to get a year supply of diapers to keep on hand.  Once they arrived I had to give them a try to see what I had gotten myself into.  They weren't as gross and I thought, so I was going to make the switch.  I had two boys in diapers at the time and only 12 diapers so I needed more.  I just couldn't get myself to pay another small fortune  on 12 more diapers and figured I'd give it a try and make my own.  I grew up watching my mom sew, I had made some curtains around the house so I figured how hard could it be?  My first few diapers took me hours to make.  After a few more tries and getting better marterials I had it down.  I was first using some free patterns I had found online.  They were alright but I wanted something different.   I created a pattern and I really liked the diaper that I made.  Everything just sort of started very quickly.  I have a good friend who was wanting to go cloth and wanted some of my diapers.  I made her a few to try out and she suggested that I sell my diapers.  At that time I was selling handpainted signs, tutu's, jewelry and a few other odds and ends at a Farmer's Market every weekend and I brought a few diapers to see what happenes.  Everyone thought they were super cute, but I had no buyers.  My local farmers markert was not full of earth friendly mama's.. just a bunch of grandma's who were way past diaper days.  I had someone suggest that I start a website and I figured I'd give it a shot.  I came up with my name, which my husband hated at first by the way.  I bought my domain, had a friend make my website for me and with in two months of making my first diaper I was up and running.  I officially started my website at the end of January 2009 and I had to wait 4 days for my first order to come in and it hasn't stopped since.  I feel very blessed for the success of Cutiepoops and the help that it has been to my family over this past year.

I love being able to work at home, I feel very fortunate that I am able to do so.  I know there are lots of mama's out there that have to leave their kids everyday to go to work.  They have more strength than I do, and I know that they are making a great sacrafice for their children.  I try my hardest to get orders out fast, but there are times when orders have to wait and my family needs to come first.  I will always be a wife and mother first.  I know that it's no fun waiting several weeks for diapers to come, but I'm a one woman shop (soon to be a two woman shop).  I have been very lucky that business has done so well.  I am grateful for all the wonderful mama's who are spreading the word about Cutiepoops.  My little company is growing by leaps and bounds.  If you need your diapers right away then Cutiepoops might not be the choice for you.  But, if you want a great product that is made in the USA, with lots of care and heart by a mama just like you then Cutiepoops is a great option.  I know that times are hard for lots of families out there and I want to provide a quality product at an affordable price.  As I get bigger and need to hire more and more help my prices will have to go up to cover the extra cost, but  I promise to always  keep my prices lower than the other "big" brands out there.  I won't forget the reason I started this whole adventure in the first place... to save money!  I will always help you do the same, with out having to sacrafice on quality or cuteness. 

I am also very grateful for my husband for supporting me every step of the way.  Without his help I don't know how I could do all of this.   He is great and is just as excited as I am to see our company grow.

I have had a great first few years  and I look forward to many more to come.

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