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Cutiepoops appreciates each and every customer!  Here are just a few of the wonderful comments that have come in.  Thank you all so much!  You can also check out the Cutiepoops facebook page to see what others have to say in the review tab.

I got our diaper today. I just wanted to tell you that your craftsmanship is absolutely beautiful! I couldn't believe how incredibly well made it is! I can't wait to prep it and try it on my little guy. If it works as well as it looks, this definitely won't be my last order from you! Thank you again!...Carrie

I wanted to let you know I got my ooga diaper today.  I want to thank you so much for your wonderful customer service and for such a great quality diaper!!...Leiza

I got the package yesterday, your diapers are amazing! I haven't used them yet, but not only are they very, very cute they are well made - I can't wait to use them!...Sara

Hi Adrian,   I just received my order of Cutiepoops today and am so impressed with how well you make them! I absolutly love the fabrics and can't wait til my baby is born to try them out. I will definetly be ordering more, the quality seems so much better than some of my other diapers that I have ordered to try out.... Lisa

I ordered a cutiepoops diaper from you.. just one to try it out before comitting to buy and I LOVE YOUR DIAPER!!...Tiffany

We love our cutiepoops!!!!...Mayda 

Major problem!!!! Just received your diaper in the mail and found that I am going to have to make my ENTIRE stash Cutiepoops diapers.....and I cant do it for a couple of months. waaaahhh, lol. I'm kidding... but seriously I want tons of your diapers. I love them!! Keep doin' what your doin' mamma!!!....Ashley

Hi Adrian, got my box of diapers in the mail today and they are SO adorable! You are very, very talented, and the high quality of these diapers is obvious!...Dominique

I just got my order in the mail. Love them! They are so worth the wait!...Michelle, AL

We tried our new cutiepoops & I LOVE them!! They are cuter than all my other diapers & outperform them as well! I took a chance a while back on some non name brand cloth diapers and was soo disappointed. Needless to say I was worried about my Cutiepoops- but they outperform them all- even the disposables. Even better- hubby thinks they are super cute! Thank you so much for such an amazing product at a price we can actually afford. We will definetely be back....Nicole

Just wanted to let you know that the diapers arrived yesterday and we LOVE them!  They're perfect!  The boys had a fashion show last night and ran around for awhile in diapers, and even my husband commented that he thinks they're the best fit out of any of our diapers.  I washed them last night, and even after only 1 prep wash, the boys wore them for 5.5 hours this morning and didn't leak!  We just wanted to thank you for all your hard work in making me happy.  You're the best, and I'll post some raves for you soon!...Janell, TN

I've been using the cutiepoos for about a week and a half now and I just love them!  They are so easy to use, and of course the cutest things ever!!  Everyone always has something to say when they see Anika in them :).  I'm looking forward to seeing the girly designed ones that I ordered!  Thanks again :)...Savannah, Canada

Just wanted to say we got our ooga booga(boy) luxury line diaper last week and we are loving it!  Your diapers are great and it's an awesome fit for Ds!  I can't wait till we can order more diapers which we'll be doign asap :)!...Michelle

I got my new diaper order today.  I already have them washed and ready to use.  They are adorable!  When I first bought your diapers I thought they were the best ever and could't have imagined that you could have improved on them but you have!  I love all the new little "updates" :)   They are awesome and I am excited to try out the snaps...Autumn, TX

I wanted to tell you that your site was very informative! I had no question what you offered in you store. There were a couple other sites I checked out, even “big name brands” and I had a hard time figuring out exactly what I would get from them. I love your fabric selection! And all the cloth diapering extra info was great about washing and stripping. Yes I could have looked around the internet for hours finding all the info, but it was so convenient to have it all in one place and from an expert!...Melissa

I love the diaper I have and it works great!...Rebecca, FL

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the diapers! They are unbelievable! And the prints are adorable. I've already done a cloth diaper fashion show with my little Addison. Such great quality! I'll be back for more and I will most definitely refer my friends to cutiepoops!...Chrissy, AZ

I got the diapers earlier this week and absolutely love them!!!  They are so cute and fit really well.  Just wanted to tell you thanks:)

Got the diaper in the mail just now. . .what an awesome job you did. TWO THUMBS UP.   You have  done the best job yet...Pamela, FL

I wanted to thank you for the wet bag and extra doublers!  I swear I am in love with the diapers, ha that sounds corny, but true!!  Your diapers make cloth diapering a breeze!!  If everyone had a chance to use them I"m sure they would go cloth!  They clean up so well and they just work period.  Just wanted to say thanks again...Dotti,  UT

I got my diaper yesterday.  It's gorgeous!  Fits great...Becky, WA 

I got your package today, the diapers are adorable.  I love the fabrics.  You really are talented! Bronwyn went through all the newborn diapers in five hours, she is a pee and poo queen, but the great thing was not one leaked.  They just got full, you make great diapers...Lindsay, UT 

Thank you so much for these beautiful diapers! Your work is just beautiful, and I put them in the wash immediately so that I can try them out. I can't wait to show them off at the family easter egg hunt, and to all my cloth diapering friends! I will definitely be passing your name along to everyone!...Angela, MS 

The diapers are amazing! I love them. Conner is rocking one right now and he looks so cute! I am definately ordering more soon, I can't wait to get more designs...Kerri, CO 

I absolutely love this diaper. I can even trust it while going out and about (something I couldn't do with the other dipes). We plan to order a few more soon, and then would love to order for the next baby. Thanks for making them!...Myra, TX

Thank you so much for the diapers. I am in love with them. I washed them immediately so that we could start using them.  We have no complaints about the diapers. They are great.  Thanks...Amy, TN

I just got my order, thank you. My husband is the one home with the kids, and I am so lucky that he agreed to keep our daughter in cloth. He really likes your design - he has large hands and he can preload the soakers for these himself, rather than wait for me to do it like we have to with some of our other diapers. The microfiber inserts hold a lot, too. Thank you!...Carolyn, CA 

We LOVE our diapers! Anytime it's time for a change William has to try on 3 or 4 before deciding which one he wants to wear!... Nicci, AZ

Yes I have first hand experience and can totally vouch for quality and cuteness!!! They even contained a "wet" poopy all I can say is wow! I love em, I'm going to need twelve more of these... Maureen, AZ 

I got the diapers today and I love them! They are so cute but I love how they fit so slim...almost like a disposable!! That has been the only thing with cloth diapers that I haven't liked is that they are somewhat bulky...but these aren't. I really like them. I think I am going to order a few more in the next day or so...they work so well. I'll share your website with a few of my cloth diapering friends!... Autumn, TX

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